Kristin Landon

The Dark Reaches

The Dark Reaches book cover

After the Earth was destroyed by ruthless machine intelligences known as the Cold Minds, the remnants of the human race sought refuge among the Hidden Worlds. Now, after six centuries, word comes that humans may have survived in the most dangerous hiding place of all—Earth's solar system.…

The Cold Minds have returned and humanity's very existence is at risk—the fight is not going well for the Hidden Worlds. But now renegade pilot Linnea Kiaho has discovered that free humans still survive in Earth's solar system, the center and fortress of the Cold Minds.

With her fellow pilot Iain sen Paolo, Linnea embarks on a dangerous journey to Earth's system, risking their lives in hope of discovering how humans have survived there. But what she finds is a secret so shocking, a truth so dangerous that it may save the Hidden Worlds—or shatter them forever.

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"This series is science fiction at its best.… The books are almost wholly character-driven.…

"If possible, I recommend reading all three books in the series. If not, it's still very easy to pick up the story at this point.… While the characterization is the standout, there's plenty of action and danger, keeping the story moving at a good clip. Clearly, this is an author to watch." An 8.5-star review.

Deborah Hern, CA Reviews

"Lots of great action and suspense.… You feel for [Iain and Linnea], together and separately. You want them to succeed. And the antagonist is so well-developed the reader wants to participate in his defeat.… I'm a reader wanting more."

Lisa Iriarte, Iriarte Files -- Writer's Nightmare

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