Kristin Landon
The Hidden Worlds book cover

Kristin Landon's debut novel, The Hidden Worlds

"Explores loyalty, politics, intrigue, and desire …
a riveting read." —Linnea Sinclair, author of
Games of Command and Gabriel’s Ghost

"[A] promising debut novel … develops human
characters with human strengths and weaknesses."
—Cynthia Ward, SCI FI WEEKLY


The Cold Minds book cover

The Cold Minds, the exciting sequel to The Hidden Worlds

On the run and desperately searching for allies to oppose the Cold Minds, Linnea and Iain face near impossible odds. But they know that somehow, some way, they must succeed—or humanity itself will become extinct.


The Dark Reaches book cover

The Dark Reaches, sequel to The Hidden Worlds and The Cold Minds

The fight against the Cold Minds is going badly. Then Linnea discovers a shred of hope: free humans may still survive in Earth's solar system, which fell long ago to the Cold Minds. But to learn the truth, Linnea and Iain must journey into darkness and face the Cold Minds in their stronghold.

"Science fiction at its best.… An author to watch." —Deborah Hern, CA Reviews

"Lots of great action and suspense.… I'm a reader wanting more." —Lisa Iriarte, Iriarte Files—Writer's Nightmare


Photo from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

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